An advanced GUI for Redis.

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A faster and robust Redis management tool. For developers that need to manage data with confidence.
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Requires OS X 10.11+, macOS 10.15 recommended

A Top GUI for Redis.

Interact with your data with functionality.
Racompass empowers you to make smarter decisions about developing and more.

What's New in Racompass 1.1

Racompass 1.1 supports RedisModules: JSON Bloom Filter Time Series Graph Search Gears AI.

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About Racompass

We decided to build user-friendly data management tools. That is the productivity boost software development needs.
Racompass is built and maintained by APPSNANO. Broadly, APPSNANO does the web-based products.


The most complete and straightforward GUI for your manage Redis data needs

Connection Modes


Data Types

Sorted Set


Bloom Filter
Time Series

Multiple Instance Connections

Connecting multiple Redis instances simultaneously. SSH Tunnel and SSL/TLS support.

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Sentinel / Cluster Management

It's simple to lookup master/slave nodes and slots.

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Racompass tries to make CRUD operations easier and more straightforward.

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Binary Data for String

HyperLogLog, Bitmap and BitField are able to be manipulated.

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GEO for Sorted Set

Display GEO Hash, Longitude and Latitude with a toggle switch.

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Redis Stream

Managing append-only log data in a stream handily including group and consumer. The operations of acknowledgement / claiming pending entries are supported as well.

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Embed Terminal for Redis Commands

A terminal client with autocompletion and command hints.

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Lua Scripts

Simplify your Lua script execution with the code editor.

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Monitoring bulk channels and sending messages are similar to messaging app.

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ACL Management

User-friendly manage Redis users to implement security protection.

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Configs Management

Easily configure Redis instance.

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Swap DB

Swap databases with multiple actions.

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Redis Slowlog

Inspect slow commands in a simple way.

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Visualize Redis instance stats.

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Simplify data query for Redis TimeSeries.

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More Features

Key Live Update

GEO Search in Sorted-Set Type

Pattern Search Keys

Search Query Histories

Redis JSON

Redis Bloom Filter

Redis Time Series

Redis Graph

Redis Search

Redis Gears

Redis AI

Stream Groups + Consumers

Inline Edit

Human-readable datetime for TTL

Export Key/Value

Dump Binary Key/Value

Duplicate Key

Debug/Operation Tools

Bulk Set TTL

Bulk Delete

Bulk Rename

Redis Monitor

Redis Commands Query

Keyboard Shortcuts

High Performance

Simple design and powerful features. Racompass makes Redis data management faster and more efficient to boost your productivity.

Quick Support

We help you troubleshoot your problems with Racompass at lightning speed. Please feel free to reach out on Github Issues if you have any feedback when you check it out.

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